Our Aim

Creating wines of international quality which are representative of the rich Tuscan terroir with which we are blessed with.

How We Began

Our family’s journey here at Podere Sant’Alberto began in 2007. Learning about, appreciating and striving to make great wine and extra virgin olive oil, that is representative of our regionfy. After 15 harvests, with new family members and grandchildren having joined us along the way, we are now entering a new chapter.


Each of the 15 vintages have been memorable in their own way. We have harvested in all weathers, even in the dark and often with friends and family lending a hand. We also have been blessed with a strong local support network, started by the late Andrea and now with the Simone at the helm.


We are located within the Sienese municipality, the city of Siena can be accessed just 20 minutes to the south of the property. During the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries it flourished as one of the major cities of Europe, allowing Tuscany to grow rich from banking and the wool trade. Siena is built across a range of small hills, a unique position which gives it a pleasant atmosphere of being a collection of smaller towns.


The Podere has 2.5 hectares of vines and work in the vineyard and cantina is all carried out traditionally; by hand and organically.

Biodiversity is championed and you will find wild herbs and fava beans between the rows of vines, providing surroundings in which vines thrive.

Podere Sant’Alberto – This is a fabulous red grape variety that is high in acidity and tannin, which has an affinity with oak. This 2010 has great complexity with an appealing earthy, rustic character and cherry and blueberry fruits. Full bodied in style, this will match perfectly with any meaty dish.


Neil Phillips, The Wine Tipster – Oxford Times

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